Instant Notices of Assessment

Does anyone know what the instant Notice of Assessment will look like and what are the benefits of receiving the instant Notice of Assessment?

Will it be like a PDF of the Notice that we can print and send to the taxpayer? Or is it something else?

Are there any benefits to receiving these? Like, would the CRA then notify us if they are doing a reassessment on the account at a later time? Do we continue to get the instant Notices on behalf of the client?

I am trying to figure if I should offer this

I am not offering it to my clients

Based on the CRA’s own wording, it would seem to be risky business if you sign up for “Instant Notice of Assessment” and download the assessment.

Based on the above, it would seem that obtaining a Notice of assessment for a taxpayer is grounds for efile licence suspension. Instant Notice of Assessment would be obtaining a Notice of Assessment for the taxpayer.

I think CRA forgot the word ‘solely’ in there…

Otherwise it just does not make sense.


However, technically, we are using a signed T183 with a check mark to obtain the authorization to get the NOA for the client rather than our T1013. Maybe that is the out?

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I believe this is exactly the difference. We have their permission to retrieve it via the T183.