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Information Collection Template

De to Covid-19, everyone is taking extra percussion for not to visit in office for tax filings or to sign any papers, and asking to send papers by email.

Could you guys, please share Template to collect information for Tax Filing, so that to keep backup of information collected and return filed based on that.

This is not something a tax software company usually provides.
The individuals and firms I know of use forms designed for their own clients, and in some cases these are proprietary. You could contact Video Tax News to see if they have this for sale.

Wolters Kluwer CCH has a digital signature function. (Cantax Taxprep)

Are you asking for a form to send to your clients? Such as, a personal income tax checklist? Something for the clients to complete and return with their tax documents.

If this is not what you have in mind, then my answer does not apply.

We have the Homework template that you can generate from the last season’s tax return.

With regards eSignature, now that CRA has approved it for T183, we are planning to release our integration next week.