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Is CRA accepting Electronic signature

Does anyone on the forum know if CRA accepts electronic signatures these days, given COVID 19 situation? Or are they still insisting on paper? Clients are reluctant coming to tax office. To facilitate, can we accept digital signatures and prepare Tax return remotely.

What I understand, and this is what we have done for years is e-courier the 183 to client, they print sign and scan back to us and good to go.

Info from Cameron:

Electronic Signatures Coming Really Soon

One of the more exciting changes (for us!) is the announcement by the CRA and Revenu Québec that they will now accept electronic signatures on forms like the T183 and T183CORP.

We are putting the finishing touches on a TaxCycle integration with [DocuSign]. Look for more details coming in the next TaxCycle release

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Yes they are! If you have a DocuSign account already you can use it.

Exciting news from @Cameron, Thank you TaxCycle for being so responsive!

CRA just sent out an email saying that they are extending the use of electronic signatures “for the remainder of the current filing season.”

A comment in the email from the CRA is a few requirements that any efiler should review. Specifically, the comment, “In order for the CRA to continue to accept an electronic signature…”.

Anyone who is an efiler has or will receive that email.