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Importing into Doxcycle without recognizing documents

Occasionally, I get documents which are poor quality images and Doxcycle hangs on the recognition.

Would there be a way just to import the document and by-pass the recognition engine so I can categorize myself?

Try “Multi-page or other” pick “Other”

I use it frequently.

Tried that, still have problems with certain PDF (For example, B&W pictures of forms which are not flat to the camera.)

Try scanning outside of Doxcycle (higher res) and importing. That solves a lot of my quality issues.

This is a client provided scan. I can print and attempt to rescan, but the quality of the image isn’t going to significantly change.

It would be nice to just have the pages import.

Since I have a full copy of Acrobat, I could just add the pages, but am not certain what the impact would be.