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DoxCycle - Saving PDF Glitch

We have an intermittent problem when we are extracting sheets from DoxCycle to send to CRA for post assessment reviews.

Sometimes when we have extracted several separate sheets and want to combine the PDF using Acrobat, we get en error when saving that there is insufficient data for the image and it won’t save.

Does anyone else have this issue? (We are using Acrobat X)

No issues here but I use Foxit as my pdf printer

I do also have that issue at times and I am also using Acrobat X. My work around for those stubborn files has been to print on scrap from Doxcycle and rescan with Acrobat and then combine. The problem I believe is Doxcycle’s since I don’t have the problem with just Acrobat.

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I agree. Everything else with Acrobat X is working fine. It seems to me that it is likely an issue between DoxCycle and Acrobat X if it isn’t being experienced in other apps like Foxit.