Bug Solution - DoxCycle Problem Importing PDF

Ever get that PDF from a client (or in my case a financial institution) and wonder why no matter what you do, their PDF file comes up with this error:
“There was a problem importing File format unrecognized.”

Found one possible solution.

What we discovered was that the issue was that the client’s financial institution was sending a PDF created in an old automated Xerox Print Application that saved it as (Acrobat 3.x).

You can’t see this in your MS folders nor their MS file properties. In the image below, the T3 is a file that now works, and the T4RIF is a file that is still a problem.

Turns out, DoxCycle requires a minimum of (Acrobat 4.x).

So if you, like us, have Adobe Acrobat you just have to click “Save As…” and you can just overwrite the PDF file with the same name. Acrobat will automatically upgrade it to (Acrobat 4.x) compatibility. Then it will pull in as normal. This is what the File-Properties look like in Acrobat’s converted file:
Converted File

Problem File:

Now if you will excuse me… I’m going to go sell my shares in that financial institution. :laughing:

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