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Idp.alexa.51 virus by taxcycle?!

I’m new witth TaxCycle but on my first use my antivirus (Avast) detected a malware from TaxCycle and blocked it from running.

Any other person with the same experience? Or is that a real virus?


It looks like you got a virus - run a scan and hopefully it be eliminates the virus. Klaus

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It may be your avast. I had same problem with some virus program, always when I do an update, it tell me that this file contain malware. I always trust my program coming from trusted sources. Find the path and it may be a program file. Virus program is misreading.

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No problem here; however I am using Bitdefender gravity zone, it is either a false positive or you picked up a virus that infected the software

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Update your definitions. It sounds like you have a false positive or somehow your computer was infected already. This virus is specific to Avast and a few others.

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Been using Avast for years. Never had such threat. Suggest you perform Boot-time scan at high sensitivity with auto fix option checked. (might take a few hours to finish)
Then reboot and check virus chest.

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i use to use avast but i got so many false positive that i just use window defender and touch wood for the past 5 year no problem.

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I used to use just windows defender for many years with an issue as well; however, Since I am protecting several computers on a network, I wanted a centralized firewall/virus checking program which lead me to Bitdefender Gravity Zone for endpoints. Lately I have been getting some bruteforce credential access attacks which have been stopped by Bit Defender but then I just go and block the IP address gobally and no more notifications. The only thing I would have like to see is the ability to block a whole country with the click of a button; i.e. Russia since we do not do any business there so there is no reason to have connections to them in the office. If you have any open ports on your system, you can be sure someone is trying to hack your system.

have you tried it in the last little while .I swear by it i have 6 computer that it controls .

Which Program Pugs? I actully prefer Bit Defender over Windows Defender due to the centralized control; however, I think winodws defender now has something similar now.

I swear by window defender because it never has a problem with windows 10 ,if they change stuff it still runs .

I agree, I used Windows defender for years and never had an issue; however, I wanted a program I could change firewall policies and it would automatically push out to all the PC’s in the office without me having to touch each one. That being said, Windows Defender may have been blocking the brute force attacks but it never allowed told me about them so I could be proactive about it. When you need to leave open ports on the network there is always someone trying to exploit them.

try using group policy within the windows 10 operating system