Home buyers' amount Review Message

On the Details of various credit amounts, the yellow review message “The allocation of the Home buyers’ amount does not equal 100%. Please review” will not go away for a single person who answers “YES” to make a claim for the Home buyers’ amount. The only solution seems to be a sign off.

For a married couple, you can get the review message to disappear by entering an amount into one of the 2 optional boxes that allow a split the amount with a spouse or co-owner, then delete the percentage that you entered.

Just noticed that as well.

SPG, I figured out how to clear it without sign offs but the form needs a rework as you mentioned. If you go to the optimizations tab, you ca allocate 100% to the taxpayer.

I’ve run into this as well. Client and girlfriend, living together, bought a house together. They haven’t been together long enough to be common-law. Putting in the 50% claimed by co-owner still leaves the yellow error review message.

Thanks for this James.

The solution you posted last year of allocating 100% on the Optimization screen still works for this year’s problem… as it seems this issue is either back again or it was never fixed last year.

For a single person who claims the Home buyers’ Amount, TaxCycle kicks out a yellow review message that the allocation does not equal 100% and it is impossible to get rid of the diagnostic message unless you make the allocation on the Optimization screen.

I suspect it was never fixed