Home Buyer's Amount shared between Husband and Wife

How do we change the percentage claim of the home buyer’s amount (10,000) so that the husband and wife can claim 50% each (5000)?

Did you check under the optimizations page? I’d think it would be there.

On the “Credits” screen scroll down to Home buyers’ amount.
It will likely be defaulted to 100% for the spouse with the greater income.
Over-ride to 50% there and it will split the claim. A few years ago it was mentioned this should not be an “override” but I think it got missed by the developers.

Here is a link to the issue;

Thank you for your help! We had to override the % field on the credits page.

Go to the “optimization” page and part way down you will see the Homebuyers section under the Detailed family optimizations . If you are set to optimize between spouses then change the “yes” to “no” and then enter the percentage. You will have to sign off the override on the yes.