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Have a happy Tax Season

I wish everyone a happy and not to stressed season!


Stressed all ready.

2019 returns submitted this morning are being listed as “reassessment in progress”.

Very peculiar.

Wheeee…here we go! LOL

Mine went through fine

Have you checked the status on RAC?

I had to file a 2016 and got that re assessment in progress… same thing for 3…2019 returns

Hoping it is a wording issue not a processing issue

Efiled a 2018 return at 9:15 - no issue

i just checked RAC and yes it says that it is reassessment in progress . Have made a call into cra to see what going on . Will let you know the response i get

yeap RAC shows reassessment in progress.

got a response back from cra they are looking into why it says reassessment in progress they say because of the amount of returns. But are investigating

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I got a “reassessment in progress” for a filing last evening… hasn’t updated yet.