Forms + Letter Additions Request Update

These are most frequently used forms and letters. Currently none of these are supported in TaxCycle Forms or Letters. This is the third year that I am making these requests.

Most of my clients are older, not tech savvy, or very busy and don’t want to be bothered with this administrivia themselves. Currently I have to write custom letters or use the very unfriendly CRA form filler PDF’s. This takes me a frustratingly long period of time to do and with a totally manual workflow.

So far my requests have been ignored. This is the last tax season that I will make these requests. If these are not addressed in this tax season then I will create my own automation, workflow tracking, and more friendly fillable forms. It is that frustrating and time consuming for me right now.

These are my requests.

Forms Requests 2020-03-06

RC 65 - Marital Status Change

RC 325 -Address Change Request - Individual

Letter Template - Address Change Request - Business

T1158 - Family Support Payment

Canada Direct Deposit Enrollment for Individuals

Individual Name Change - Letter Template

Business Name Change - Letter Template

Hi All

I am looking on some information on whether to file a T1-OVP.

There was some information about a spreadsheet available for the information needed on this form.

Can anyone please help? Thank you in advance for your help