Forcing a client address check

Curious how others ensure that clients actually provide their correct (and up-to-date) address?

Even after asking clients for info I’ve had two who “forgot” to let me know that their addresses have changed. While there’s a review mark for “Has client changed address in the year?” I don’t see a way to force that as a review item…which would possibly remind me to double-check with clients on current addressing given that most now get either NOA email / e-deposit etc.

I always ask clients if they are still living where they used to live until they moved to where they are living now.

Usually only answered confidently by those with the beginnings of dementia. :grinning:

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@arliss…as do I. But “usually”…not “always”. Would love a force check (like for the T1135) on address - or a practitioner-selected option to mark certain fields for questioning on ALL client files.


Don’t forget, Canada Post also changes peoples addresses even though they haven’t moved. I have one client who has lived in the same house for over 40 years. Her address has changed 4 times in the past five years and she has never moved. Her latest address as per Canada Post is not recognized by CRA.

When I know Canada Post has been actively changing addresses in an area, I usually look up the Postal Code on line to see what is correct now.

Gotta love government agencies.

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I haves found a way to attach a review to a certain data entry point unless it was already an option in the software.

BUT what I have started doing is making custom fields. You can make a custom field with the name “AddressUpdated”, a yes/no answer, cleared each year, and make it required. If it’s required it will show up in your review list, and if it clears each year you’ll have to answer it each year before the note will clear so you’ll have to look at it.

It’s a bit clunky, but it definitely works for us. I have a few of them to remind us to enter the TFSA contribution room (on the AFR schedule in TaxCycle, but not downloaded with the AFR, you have to do it manually!), and things like that.

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That works! Thanks - I can think of a couple of things for which that may prove useful.

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I use a CSM software package to manage workflow. It consolidates external reporting (tax returns), internal reporting (bookkeeping), phone calls, emails, etc. into a single system.

For the purpose of ensuring that we have the correct address when we prepare a tax return, we have an automated email which is sent asking the client to confirm their address or notify us of a change. If the client confirms their address, then we send a second email reminding them that we will be sending the return with that address and, should they be planning a move shortly, please contact us to discuss. If we change the address, we ask them if they need to have the address updated at the CRA immediately or if it can wait until we file the tax return.

While this is being done using a CSM software package, you can easily do the same in Taxcycle by setting up a new form to email message where you ask them to reply confirming their email address. Then just send the form by email to them when you start your tax return.