CRA document submission

So the post assessment reviews have begun - is anyone else having issues submitting doc’s? I have tried several times and keep getting this REP57 error although I have no trouble accessing the client’s account the usual way…


@LMK This could all be related to this same issue. (I hope)…

Stay tuned…thanks for your patience.


Efile & AFR work now, but I am still unable to submit doc’s…so not the same issue (sigh).

Just had a similar issue submitting documents for a CRA reference # - spoke to CRA - it is likely that you are a Level 1 representative for that client. To make “changes” submit paperwork - you need Level 2
With clients adding representatives through their own CRA login - I think I will make Level 2 a requirement for all clients going forward.

On a slightly different note, given that the EDIT button doesn’t work for addresses, and just for S&G, I sent in a doc for a corporation to change its address…just a letter saying “change it” basically…and less than a week later…it was done!

Now, if only they’d fix the EDIT button…

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