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Extracting data from CRA T slips

Is Doxcycle able to read the T-Slips from the CRA represent a client site? The slips from the CRA are not the same as a regular t4 slip.Sometimes I have to use the downloaded CRA slip when a client doesn’t give me all their info.

@scox5 -

DoxCycle does not recognize the slips in that format. For the upcoming year, you will be able to download those slips directly into TaxCycle, using a new service CRA is calling Tax Data Download (or TDD).

We’ve considered taking the Tax Data Download information from CRA, and using that to recreate slips in the traditional format for the archive in DoxCycle. Would that be of interest?


~ Cameron

That would not be a high priority for me, though perhaps a nice to have. Assuming that the download does generate a report though, in similar fashion as the ‘Represent a Client’ import, including date and time of info download.