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T1 Download CRA Slips

In your November 19th Webinar you mentioned that we would soon be able to download any T1 slips available from CRA website. Could you explain how this will work? Will it be a feature added to download Represent a Client information?

We are certainly looking forward to this new feature.

Jim Burch

Hi Jim,

The CRA will be providing a new Tax Data Delivery (TDD) service for this filing season. This service will allow you to download significantly more information about your clients than Represent a Client does now. You will start the download like you currently do for Represent a Client.

For this season, you will be required to enter your clients SINs into a CRA webpage to initiate the download. Once verified, TaxCycle will handle downloading the data into your clients return. Naturally, slips data availability is dependent on when the issuer files them with the CRA.

This is expected to be available after February 9th 2015.