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Auto-fill my return (AFR)

So does this really mean we are going to be able download all these slips now?

T3, T5, T4RSP, T4RIF, T5007 and T5008 slips, as well as RRSP contribution receipts

or is it a trick?

Not now, but in February, once EFILE opens for next season, and only as CRA receives and processes the slip data.
These are the slips they have been saying they will add, We have not been told of any delays or issues implementing access to these. Until it is live, there is always a chance something could change.

That will be interesting with the T3 slips. Where the client gets one slip for say five funds, CRA has five individual slips. Unless they have a change processing, we may need some sort of slip reconciliation in Taxcycle