Error Code 2252

Client is filing her 2019 Tax return now,

I had a file rejected by efile with errod code 2252 which gave the following message

“Line 24600 on the Schedule 7 and/or field 58830 on the Form RC383 for contributions designated as a repayment under the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) cannot be less than the minimum repayment required. Where the client has elected to include the funds withdrawn into income at field 12900, enter the HBP participant repayment amount at field 55080”

She does not have any RRSP contribution for 2019, so she needs to include 869 as required repayment from her AFR balance 3476.

How to resolve this issue?

I have seen this error before but only in cases where a client was catching up on filing prior years’ tax returns. In the most recent situation, the client wanted the return filed asap so we changed the HBP payment to what CRA showed as the minimum (which was not alot higher than the “real” minimum pmt). I advised the client that at least it meant that her future payments would be lower. I don’t think there is a way to override this and successfully efile the return. You could call the efile Help Desk and discuss it with them.

Thank You Kevin, So I need to call CRA, or I can send Paper copy of Tax Return to CRA, so that they will update it.