Efile error code 2252

I had a file rejected by efile with errod code 2252 which gave the following message
“Field 246 on the Schedule 7 and/or field 5883 on the Form RC383 for contributions designated as a repayment under the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) cannot be less than the minimum repayment required. Where the client has elected to include the funds withdrawn into income at field 129, enter the HBP participant repayment amount at field 5508”

The problem is that all those fields are zero and there is no Home Buyers Plan.

It almost seems like the CRA thinks there is a Homebuyer’s Plan.
Do you have Represent a Client Access? You could check that way.
If you downloaded the tax data via AFR the AFR screen would indicate whether CRA has any Homebuyer’s Plan.

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There was a HBP started in 2015 and this year was the fiurst year for a repayment, which the client forgot all about until he was reminded of the details.

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