Can't efile

I prepared this return for a couple, both have one T4 each and both withdrew RRSP under HBP in 2016 and are not contributing to RRSP. Both returns are exactly the same and the return for spouse e-filed successfully but unable to e-file the main return. I am getting the following error message but as I said that these field values are the same on both. Does some has a solution for this issue?

Line 24600 on the Schedule 7 and/or line 58830 on the Form RC383 for contributions designated as a repayment under the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) cannot be less than the minimum repayment required. Where the client has elected to include the funds withdrawn into income on line 12900, enter the HBP participant repayment amount on line 55080.

Call the Efile Helpdesk

Efile was unsuccessful because the HBP repayment amount on the NOA was not correct. I got authorization from the client and did AFR to update the value. Efiled successfully.