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RRSP HBP repay total outstanding

I am on the RRSP page and client has a required HBP repayment of $661. Client wants to repay total balance of $6067. I choose “Yes” to “Do you wish to repay a different amount?” but the Designated repayment on line 12 does not populate. It remains at $0. I thought i may need to complete it on S7 on Line 7 but when i type it in, it is an override, when i double click on this box it takes me back to the RRSP page line 12. Only way i can get this to work is to override Line 12 on the RRSP page. Any suggestions on what i may be missing?
Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.

Did the client make a $6067 RRSP contribution during the period from March 2nd 2018 to March 1st, 2019? If so, they should be able to allocate any amount as a HBP repayment. If, however, they have a carry forward of previously undeducted RRSP contributions these can not be designated as a HBP repayment. You can only repay a HBP balance with a current year contribution.

That may or may not explain why TaxCycle is not allowing a different amount on the RRSP worksheet. You don’t need to complete anything on S7. The software seems to work fine for me if the Homebuyers Plan section is completed.