Erro Code 2252 HBP repayment issue

So I am fried and probably can’t see straight right now so I am looking for some assistance. I have a client who has to make a minimum repayment to her HBP in the amount of $1,480.00. She only contributed $1,100.00 to her RRSP which is designated for repayment to the HBP, which it is. The remaining $380.00 has to be included in income which it is on the tax return. For some reason CRA will not accept the return and sent the Error code 2252. Everything looks right I just don’t get why CRA is not accepting the return. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

I assume you have confirmed the required HBP repayment via RAC or AFR…

Yes and just confirming again with the client

Problem solved! All these late nights have taken its toll, some r & r is due I think.