Email when sharing preparer files

I would like to use TaxFolder to share non-TaxCycle files with clients and did a test as to what happens when I drag files into the “Preparer Files” section of the engagement.

All I’ve done is create the engagement and add files (in TaxFolder only, and not connected to a TaxCycle file). This sends out an email asking them to upload files. I’m not asking for any files, they should get an email that says I just shared files with them.

Or is this the email that is triggered when I created the engagement, and not from uploading files to the preparer section of the engagement?

Either way, this makes no sense to me why this is the email that is sent out. They should get something that says I shared files with them.

I’m guessing this might explain why I have a few clients that have asked for copies of the tax returns that I had already shared to them (from TaxCycle), not realizing that I had shared the files. They weren’t told there was anything there to download!!

Please fix this!

Yes, when you create a new engagement in the current version of TaxFolder, a Notification will get sent to the client to request documents. A separate notification should get triggered when you add files to the Preparers Files section of the engagement. I have logged a bug for the developers since this appears to be broken.

Ok. It would be nice if we could select if we want that Upload Request email even sent. If all I want to do is share files, I don’t want to confuse my client with an upload request.

The option to turn the “Upload Documents” request off when creating an engagement in TaxFolder is currently in development.