Efile error "Partner Business Ownership Percent" invalid

Hello colleagues,

I’m getting the following efile error:
“The PartnerBusinessOwnershipPercent” element is invalid. The valie ‘1000000’ is invalid according to its datatype decimal’ - The Pattern constraint failed".

I checked the T2125 several times and do not see this error. If anyone has any leads, I will appreciate it.

That field should be nn.nn % with the latter provided by Tax Cycle like 52.25% and 47.75%.

This is NOT the value. It’s the percentage of the business the taxpayer owns.

Hello @helga_spence ,
Thank you for your reply.
The percentage is 100.00%. I tried to change it to a different %, but it won’t let me (which I find this strange). I deleted the T2125 and re-did, but get the same error when trying to efile.
I sent a message directly to TaxCycle, hoping they can help.


We have two servers, let’s call them #1 and #2.
I always work on Server 1.
After being unable to efile the return, I went to Server 2, tried to efile and got the same error.
I went back to Server 1, efiled the return and guess what! it went through! Not sure what happened, but it worked (even though I did not make any changes).