Efile error 180010 re SFDs

We received an efile error 180010 on a return.
“Line 9946 for net income (or loss) on this selected financial data (SFD) record does not balance with total income minus total expenses, multiplied by the percentage share of the partnership, if applicable.
This error may also set when there are entries on lines that do not relate to the SFD type. For example, lines 8300, 8320, 8340, 8360, 8450, 8500, 8518 and/or 8519 relate to the Form T2125 when the SFD is type 02 for business or commission operations, but do not relate to the Form T2125 when the SFD is type 03 for professional operations.”

Is there somewhere on Taxcycle to view the SFD? I can’t see where the problem is on this return.
It has one T1163 partnership with restricted farm loss. The other partners’ returns filed without error.

There is an article published by TaxCycle to explain how to work around this error. CRA will make changes for 2022 to address this.

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Thanks! I missed that notice.