Anyone use this software? Once attached it doesn’t look like you can do a final review on the attachments before sending just to make sure they are correct. I phoned them and the support person had no idea and will get someone to call me back.

Yes, that is the case. Unfortunately when you click on the attachments it wants to remove it rather than open it. I agree with you that it is a flaw in their system.

Once you attach it you cannot review the document like an email since clicking on the attachment will remove it; however, I am not sure why you want to review the file, you already know what is in the print job and I have not seen any issues that what is asked to be printed is not printed.

I would like to able to edit ecourier attachments so I could add sign here tape flags. I have started printing the attachments to a pdf, editing them to add the sing here flags and then sending them through ecourier but then the cover letter is not available. If the SIN masking becomes more robust I would consider not using ecourier at all. Many of my clients are older and are confused by ecourier. We have been mailing most of the returns this year.



I too noticed that you can’t preview documents once uploaded to e-courier, and once sent, you must download the document to double check what was sent. I’m 1/2 way through the 10 day free trial of e-courier right now. Although I think it’s an excellent program, it hasn’t been an easy sell to my clients, as many of them insist on still sending me documentation through regular email (I still have several documents I sent clients unopened). They don’t appear to want another user account, and another password to remember. Although I was quite hyped on purchasing a license, I’m now having second thoughts.

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How I do this, is in TaxCycle when you send pdf to E-courier the box generates and adds automatically to the email. However, instead of clicking on the attachment which removes the pdf you can select attach another file and it will open the location where you saved the file. You can then click on the PDF there and open it to review.


Send Client Copies to E-courier. Once you click generate you will be prompt to save the file.

The dialog box will appear to log in to E-courier. Enter your credentials.

Then an email will generate with a PDF attachment.

Click on the Attach Another File - This will open the file location where you saved the pdf. Here is where you can review the PDF. You can make your edits if you have and then save the file and re-upload. This is how I do this and you still have your email template.