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E-Courier Feedback

E-Courier. Anyone using this service and have upgraded to the logo branding and website integration. Looking for feedback and maybe if you could send me a link to your webpage so I can see it in action that would be appreciated. You can post here, or send me an email at

Thanks in advance

Love it!

Find clients are really taking to the option of sending docs without them having to log in.

Thanks Bert.

I have E-courier but not a client portal

I just looked at your webpage and saw the client portal. I see where you have the E-courier logo if your client already has set up access, which is great.

The text where you ask “if you don’t have a login CLICK HERE to send us your documents and message securely” Is this an adaption of the web page integration?


Yes, that is the new e-Courier feature, for those that do not have access set up, or do not choose to log in…

How did you find out about that feature? They never informed their current users or a least I never got the memo. You would think those firms with the professional package and website integration would have received something.:unamused:

What does “premium feature” mean in their pricing plans?
Is that a nice way of saying “additional fees apply” if you want this?

That would be my guess. Maybe it is negotiable. I sent them an e-courier message asking them about this new feature they did not inform me of.

I have those features marked ‘premium’, but then again, I have 'Enterprise". I believe they are saying those features are available if you have ‘basic’ or ‘professional’, but at an added cost…

Interesting, what is enterprise getting you over Professional?

The items listed as premium features, as well as long term data storage.

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That seems to be a great feature, I contacted my rep and see if what I purchased today includes that or if not to make sure it is added. I think a quick link from my webpage to a secure option to send documents will appeal to many of my clients.


According to the website, it is a premium feature for enterprise as well.

I just heard back from e-courier and they told me it was an extra charge for the service (which I figured) but they would not tell me the additional price in the secure email.:confused:

All I got was this

"Please note that this premium feature is not part of your professional package and would have an additional fee associated with it. We can discuss this once we determine how you intend to use it. "

Is there more than one way to use this feature? Very :confused:

I like the e-courier service; however, it sometimes feels like pulling teeth dealing with them. :unamused:

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My rep was great. I spoke to her today and added the features I wanted, i.e. custom logo branding, website integration and secure deposit. I was provided a brief on what the secure deposit does, i.e. it allows clients and prospective clients to send you documents without them being signed into E-courier or needing a guest account. I was provided with this link to demonstrate it in action.

This is how I have implemented e-Courier on my website:

I feel more comfortable sending sensitive documents via E-Courier. I do have a client portal on my website ( but had minimal clients’ use of it in the past year. Seems they are reluctant to go through the process. For existing clients, however, this is now my only method of sending tax/personal documents; the feedback I get is around 50% positive; others are either not confident/computer knowledgeable to finalize the guest user process and read/save their documents. I do offer one-on-one phone support and once they realize how easy it is, will usually respond favorably.

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What has also really increased my client’s acceptance of sending to me via e-courier is this in the signature area of my emails:

Ir you want to send me information, in order to send this securely, do not hit’reply’, but instead go to this link to send me an encrypted message without having to log in:

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thanks for that Bert. I was not aware we could do this.

Also, have in the last year made some changes in the implementation of my e-Courier, where I use the address info at in such a way that all my staff has access to it (is also the address used for my internet fax), and the different staff members will claim the various e-courier packages, for example, the person in charge of efling will grab the T183’s that come in…

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As evidenced by our exchange this morning, I see that people are able to send you files without having to login to their e-courier account, or without even having an e-courier account. Are you able to send documents to your clients without them having an e-courier account? Presumably not.

Many of my clients are amazing agricultural engineers, but not overly tech savvy when it comes to computers. Mastering email was a task in itself. I guess I am anticipating the same issues as Marcel from Taxwave…not sure how many clients would make out with something like this.

What about bankers? You have any push back from account managers if clients ask you to forward T1 Generals or NoA’s to their banker and you do it through e-courier? I get requests for this quite a bit… clients didn’t receive their NoA or, lost it, dog ate it etc, and find it easier for accountant to forward that info to bank.

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Good point snoplowguy. My bottom line is: If you want me to send you documents … you log in/create to your guest user account. End of story. For the most part, they comply when faced with the old mail courier alternative.