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E-courier access denial

Anybody else having problems with e-courier’s account access this morning?

I can’t access it either.

Also I can’t accept an email money transfer this AM.

What is going on with cyber world.

Yes, even their e-courier website integration portal icon on all subscriber’s websites are missing. is also down this morning.

These internet site outages must be contagious… :grin:

Revenge of the CIA after Wikileaks:fearful:

both e-Courier and Taxboard are back :slight_smile:

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[quote=“BertMulderCGA, post:5, topic:1180, full:true”]
both e-Courier and Taxboard are back [/quote]

Both sites must share the same webserver in @BertMulderCGA’s basement… :grin:

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(now the secret is out)

thanks, ex-friend.


At least got my own website in a safe location…

Anyone hear anything on CRA’s status?

CRA has decided to turn a new leaf…

For all the years I have been using Efile, they have never done routine maintenance during the working week. Well folks, this is 2016, sorry, I mean 2017 and we do things differently now…

I little birdie at a meeting between the CTO’S of Service Canada and CRA, together with their political masters overheard this, sometime in February 2017;

Political master: "we have to bring together the online services of Service Canada and CRA"
CTO Service Canada: "we are ready to make this work. From my viewpoint, the sooner the better"
CTO CRA: "let us wait until May, when tax season is over. Online services are sensitive,and things do not always work right the first go-around"
Political master: "with all the bad stuff in the news about the government lately, we need to give the people something positive. We have to do this soon"
CTO CRA: "at least wait until March, when the pressure is off for the end of February…"
Political master: “We are doing this the first full week in March. I have confidence in our IT people” (spoken like a politician)…

(please realize this is fiction, but it could have happened this way…)

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most likely closer to the truth than you think:wink: