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Clients' education

In mid February, one of my clients asked me to send him some files. I use e-courier exclusively for such requests.
After explaining (in details) the whole process of e-courier along with e-courier website address should he need more info etc… I sent him the “package”.
The following is the phone conversation from this morning:

Client- Marcel, I’m still waiting for the package you were supposed to send me
Me- Yes, Mr X, I sent it the same afternoon
Client- I never got it
Me- let me log on e-courier and check (pause) … yes I can see here I sent it the very same day but you never opened it.
Client- Well, I can’t open it if I don’t receive it.
Me- You did receive it … you just never opened it.
Client- Well … Where did they leave it … I checked and never saw it.
Me- Leave what?
Client- The package!!!
Me- You have to open it once you get email notification.
Client- Notification from who?
Me- From e-courier, in your mailbox account
Client- Which courier was it? … Fedex or UPS? I’ll call them to find out what happened to it…

Is it just me ? :nerd_face:
Maybe e-courier should change the word “package” to “electronic file transmission” or EFT for short.

This is why I really really struggle with e-courier and elderly clients who find basic e-mail attachments troublesome. This is often beyond their scope…

Don’t have much trouble here once you explain to them they will get an email from e-courier, that they click on and it will open in their browser…

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Been there, done that.
BTW client is not elderly, 30 some…

OMG! Listening skills are lacking! :rofl::rofl::rofl: