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AFR is doubling T4A(P) amounts

T4A§ amounts are doubling when I answer the Review "Use AFR amounts"
Not happening with any other slips so far.
Have I got something set up wrong?

Never mind - it was me (no surprise there)
I had a second T4A§ slip open with a different Issuer name. AFR filled them both.
Delete one slip and things add up just fine.

You raise a point that could use a tweak. In my case it always wants to create a new slip rather than find the previously entered slip. I can and do pick the existing slip.

I agree, it should be able to find the slip and match it up like OAS

I think the difference between the OAS and CPP is that the OAS doesn’t have an issuer name on it. I’m not sure why the T4AP has an issuer name on it. Could it be issued by anyone other than Service Canada? I would like the CPP to be automatically entered as well but maybe there’s a reason I’m not aware of.

yes, there could be a reason, it is one of the minor issues that just make you go hmm

The other difference is that, though rarely,someone may have more than one T4A§…

Well, we could remove the requirement that T4A§s match on issuer name. Would that solve the problem?

~ Cameron

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Likely & ditto for T4E’s.

We can always still change to the appropriate slip in those occasions.

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