Double T4s uploaded to CRA

Hello I have noticed a few clients that there company have uploaded there t4s twice to cra. They have told me that CRA knows about it. The problem is its still there. I know if i efile there return it will proberly catch it and add the extra income. Any work arounds to file there taxes.


You should be fine to efile the T1 return(s) with the correct information.

The CRA don’t generally change the returns on initial assessment to add income unless the unreported amounts are on slips issued by a government agency (T4E, T5007, T4AP etc).

Give or take a strike they generally start their matching process near the end of the year, so your client likely has until about November to make sure their employer cancels the duplicate slips.

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hello team,

I have a clients having the same issues, how can we go to cancel the duplicate slips? how can we check the work? My business account?

Much appreciated if giving me some hints


As @timboufford says, CRA is aware of the problem. If it’s a technical error at CRA, you can’t do anything about it.

If you’re the one FILING the T4s (i.e. your client is the employer; giving T4 slips to its employees), you can file a Cancelled T4 return, but again - if there is a problem at CRA, that may just compound the problem. Best to wait until CRA fixes it on their end.

If you’re a representative, you shouldn’t have access to your client’s My Business Account - you should be accessing their information through your own Represent a Client login.

I’m not sure what “work” you need to check - work done by your client? work done by CRA? If you want an answer, you’ll have to explain a bit more.

Somehow I filed 3 copies of a T5 instead of one. I have no idea how it happened. TaxCycle only showed one transmission but they all had different numbers in CRA records. They checked with me to see if there should be three. So we fixed it.

I had this happen (double not triple) … years ago.
It was because the wrong file was being picked up on transmission.
When transmitting through TaxCycle, I suggest that you always check the business number on the file before hitting send.
This may not be your issue… but throwing it out there.