Doxcycle for each person

Is there a way to save each person of a family into a separate DoxCycle file?

Right now, I have the family in one Doxcycle PDF, but it would be easier to have each person with their own file. But each DoxCycle file would need to be linked to the joint tax return file.

Why would this be easier? In trying to figure out how you would use it differently


I think this works; however first back up your data then

First of all, you can break the Docycle files apart by person by right clicking on the individual name in Doxcycle and select detach into doxcycle file.

In the tax cycle file, you would go to the individual and click on the black arrow below the Taxlink icon and select detach “name” from family file;

Then you can click on the black arrow again and I believe you can choose to link to the new individual Doxcycle file rather than a family file

What I do not know is whether you can select the file you created or you would need to delete the individual file and rename the one you made detaching it from the original file.

I just use family files so you would just need to play around with it. You may find it is easier to just separate them for this year before you import any pdfs. Carry forward the file, detach the children etc from the family file and then create individual files.

I have two reasons for doing this.

One, my client portal is set to provide individual’s records in separate
folders. This controls access… Which leads to the second reason.

Two, individuals do separate. Marriages break down. We, as professionals,
are bound by the privacy laws and, should an individual requests that their
spouse or their parents no longer have access to their personal
information, we are required to honour that request.

Keeping individual’s records separate is the best way to follow the law.

Hmm. Marriage breakdown is a possibility that I cover in my engagement letter, so I do agree there, but holding the documents in one file or two does not have any bearing on what is released to the various parties in our system.

Interesting that your portal is set that way. I’ll have to consider that in our set up. Thanks for answering!

Problem - This also splits the TaxCycle file. I only want the DoxCycle file
split. The TaxCycle file should remain joint.

TaxCycle file is my working papers.
DoxCycle file is Client Papers.

I would prefer to just grab the DoxCycle PDF File and upload to the client portal.

Alternative, can I export (extract) everything for an individual out of the DoxCycle file into its own PDF file? If so, that is an alternative way to do what I am looking for. (Not as easy, but it is workable.)

By the way @jglass, I set the portal that way when I was using DT FileCabinet/DT Client Portal. It has worked well for me, so that I see no reason to change that orientation. Especially as I got a panicked call from one spouse who walked out of her house and wanted me to block the access immediately. This set up meant that I just went into each person’s profile and modified what they could see.

Yes, you can definitely export (create a new PDF) of each person’s slips. This is what I do when I send only some of the slips to CRA to satisfy their pre or post assessments review requests through “submit a document” online. It works very well.

I can see the advantages of having your portal set that way.

Try breaking the link between the Doxcycle and the Taxcycle first then split the Doxcycle, then try to re link them individually in tax cycle.

There isn’t a completely separate topic in DoxCycle help, but the following are excerpts from this help topic:

Note: I realize it doesn’t address if you ALREADY have separate DoxCycle files and you want to link them. I need to check in with others tomorrow about that. It is possible that we could improve the process for that scenario.

Linking to multiple DoxCycle files for family members

Both TaxCycle and DoxCycle files can contain a principal taxpayer, one spouse/partner and any number of dependants.

You have the option to create one DoxCycle file for all family members. Or, you can create separate DoxCycle files for each taxpayer if you want to. For example, for adult children who are in university, so they can have a copy of just their tax return and source documents.

Keeping the tax returns together in a TaxCycle file allows you to take advantage of TaxCycle’s family returns calculations, but keeping a separate DoxCycle file for the dependant allows you to provide a copy just for that dependant.

To do this, it’s all a matter of setting up the correct the links. Here’s one way to set that up:

  1. Create a new TaxCycle file and DoxCycle file for the principal taxpayer.
  2. In TaxCycle, view the dependant’s return.
  3. Click the TaxLink button.
  4. Choose Create, so create a new, separate file for the dependant.

Now, you can post information from the each DoxCycle file to TaxCycle. It doesn’t matter that they are separate. TaxCycle will sort where to place using each taxpayer’s identifying information.


Yes! That is exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you!