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I attended the Taxcycle update in Vancouver yesterday and at the very end Sarka did a brief overview of Doxcycle. I was surprised to see that the source document categories were the same as the first time we used Doxcycle in 2015. I don’t find them very useful. I think the categories should be based on the types of income and deductions or credits reported on a T1.

The above is a sample of what we do. I realise it is not hard to create one’s own categories but I think it would be better if the Doxcycle template was more like the one we use.

pretty sure you can create your own categories, we do.

Thanks for starting this conversation. I am hoping to get some feedback on what folder structure would be more useful for everyone. We can certainly look at updating what we have as the defaults if it makes sense for DoxCycle users. What does everyone typically use?

Screenshot 2023-11-08 075436

I have fine tuned my list over the years. Here is my T1 list for ideas.

Default list is not as important to me as I have mine. Would sure be nice to see some of the suggestions from users from other years implemented though.

Under T1, I have:
Canadian returns, which includes the ‘current year tax return’, TX21, RC65, T1-OVP, etc.
GST returns
Electronic signatures
Post filing actions(with subfolders)
US tax returns
Signed documents
Working papers
Documents provided by client(with subfolder structure as below)
Planning and correspondence with client

the PBC substructure:
-Salaries, wages, pension
-Investment income
-Income from property
-Capital gains and losses
-Other income
-US income info slipls
-self employment
Deductions from net income
Non-refundable credits
Tax calculation
Refundable tax credits
Capital transactions
Other information
Info for US returns

Also, have an extensive structure for T2, which includes compilation wp, which however I do not use as I used to, as wp in now in Caseware, but still use the tax return portion.

T3 is structured along the lines of T1
T4 includes a structure for period payroll information.

If interested in all these, can send you the doxcycle options file.

I would be most appreciative to receive your doxcycle options file

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