Magic folder structure for different modules

We’re starting to use the magic folders for client folders this year and I have managed to configure it based on our current folder structure for T1 clients, but we have a very different folder structure for our T2 clients. I know how to add a T2 exception so it doesn’t suggest this structure for those returns, but what I’d really like is the ability to set a second default structure for files created in the T2 module using different variables.

To clarify, we don’t store all our TaxCycle files in one main folder, we have a folder for each individual/family/company and their TaxCycle file is located within a subfolder along with all other files/documents related to that client. For example (this isn’t our exact structure, but similar):

T1 client: household name/year/tax returns/ [T1 file]
T2 client: company name/compilation/YE date/tax returns/ [T2 file]

Hi Rebecca,

I will add this in as a suggestion! Thank you for your input.

@rebecca – note that you can use the same variables in the exceptions as well…

I’m pretty sure I’ve done that, but you have to do it each year for each module. If you could specify an exception to apply for all years for a module I think that would achieve the same thing? It’s been awhile since I set it up and looked at it.

The magic structure works great for T1s - the only time I have an issue is if the folders are not set up correctly on our end (i.e. incorrect spelling of the name, or the template folder structure wasn’t used).

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