Scanning with DoxCycle cuts off the bottom of the slips

We’ve recently run into an issue when scanning directly into DoxCycle. The bottoms of all the t-slips, donation receipts, etc. are removed when scanned with DoxCycle. We have been using the native scanner option with our Kodak ScanMate i1150 scanners. (This allows us to tweak the settings a little bit more.)

We’ve done some testing. If we scan with other software, Adobe or Foxit (for example) the complete document shows up after scanning. The issue with this is that it’s been cutting off the charity registration information and other important information. Is there some way to work around this so that we can keep on scanning with DoxCycle? For now we’re switching back to scanning through Adobe or Foxit and the dragging that file into DoxCycle. I didn’t think of checking whether this just happened since the last update or not, but it seems fairly recent. Is there some way to correct this?

I had reported this activity earlier. It is not really cutting off the bottom of the slips it is just not displaying the bottom 6mm or so. They will print correctly. Can be a problem to view something on screen at the bottom though.


We just switched scanners to a Fujitsu 7140 from koday and noticed the bottom part of prescriptions were being cut off. We thought it was a setting on our scanner, so we set it to overscan and it shows everything, and a bit. But now I am thinking it might be Doxcycle.

Thanks @Arliss. I just tried exporting as a separate PDF and you are correct, it is a display issue in DoxCycle. Our problem is that on many of the prescription receipts the patient pays amount is at the bottom and get cut off. So while we will have the complete information for CRA, checking the receipts while in DoxCycle is a problem.

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We are experiencing the same issue, but with importing pdf files scanned with Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners.

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We had the same issue. We turned the slips to the side and it solved the problem. scanning them sideways seems to be a temporary solution.

@Arliss Thanks! I noticed that later. It’s a huge relief that the whole document/paper/t-slip actually shows up in the PDF file. After trying out different software and scanning settings, we’ve concluded that it’s strictly to do with DoxCycle and has nothing to do with our scanner.

It is too bad that the complete document doesn’t show up in DoxCycle. We have been running into some issues because of this. For example we’ve had a number of t-slips with amounts in the boxes at the bottom of the slip. After scanning the documents DoxCycle cuts it off halfway through the box. DoxCycle doesn’t extract the data since only the top half of the numbers are showing. If we’re not careful it’s easy to miss seeing the numbers ourselves. Hopefully there will be fix for this.

There might be a update this week