Doxcycle has issues with shading

Not sure what you guys can do about this; however, I have noticed that Doxcycle has a real problem with shading

for instance with my example, box 20 would OCR as 56.62

I had the same problem. But then I had a pain in the a-- with the new square and procedure for inputting the numbers from nT4s etc. I finally gave up and started to use every care forward file with AFR where authorized. I now saves me tons of time in putting the slips.

I use AFR in my review of the return. AFR has it’s issues since it is only as good as the day you down load it. Not to mention the fact amended returns take time to be posted on the system. The issue above actually is an amended return which does not download from CRA yet.

Which brings me to a suggestion, maybe we need a flag in doxcycle and taxcycle that would allow you to flag a return as amended so taxcycle would not go crazy with the numbers not matching.