"CRA Copy" not printing on T3 Returns

until the most recent update (yesterday), when we printed the T3 returns, one copy would say “Tax Copy” in the top right corner, and one would say “Client Copy”. Now, we don’t get anything.
It was very helpful to have this so that clients knew which copy was theirs and which to send to CRA.


The label that prints in the upper right of each page for the T3 return comes from the “Label” setting in the print configuration:

Can you double check your print configuration and see if the Label was deleted inadvertently?


~ Cameron

The label indicates that it will print.

What’s the name of the form you are showing in this example? I’d like to investigate further.

It is the T3 return.

Thanks for looking into it.

I don’t see the problem. You have the Label set to CRA copy and CRA copy is printed in the top right corner…

Only if I start a brand new file. If I open an existing file (that I printed last week, and it worked just fine), I can no longer get the “CRA Copy” (or office copy) to print. The date prints on the right side instead. Like this first snip. When I printed this particular file last week, the year-end printed in the middle of the page, leaving room for the “Office Copy” on the right. Like the second snip! I don’t understand what has changed, except a Tax Cycle update.






I think the problem is that the name of your trust is too long to work with the header as we’ve presently coded it. That’s why it’s working with a blank file, because the trust name you’ve chosen is short.

I’ll add some logic to deal with this better.

Ahh. That makes sense. Seems that the name would have be extremely short.

Thanks for sorting it out.