Deleting items in Tax Folder

I have had some occurrences where I sent docs to clients for signatures and then had to send them revised documents. They never signed the documents but they are still sitting in Tax Folder. I want to delete the wrong ones to keep the folder clean. There is the delete function on the right where there is the drop down where you choose delete file and then a second window pops up and you hit delete again. I have tried and tried this numerous times and the file does not delete. Sometimes it does, but most times it does not. Help! :slight_smile:

This is a known issue related to the delete button animation. It seems to be more problematic in some browsers than others. We generally recommend Chrome as this seems to work the best. For the Delete, when this happens, usually clicking close the center of the button will take. I will check with the developers to see if they have a fix for this.