Deceased client, T562 filed, how best to file AuthRep?

I have a client whose son passed away a couple of years ago. Turns out there was some unreported rental and cap gains (both prior to passing and due for the terminal return). I was an original Auth’d Rep for many, many years.

As he was intestate in BC, I’ve filed a T562 for his mother to be considered the Legal Rep. This appears to have been accepted by CRA. I now need to file an AuthRep electronically to CRA.

Given that he passed in 2018, is the easiest way to generate an AuthRep form simply to roll the 2018 forward to 2019 and process the AuthRep form from there?

I can’t see any other way to manage it.

Yes. Not sure of exact timing but might need to roll forward to 2020 to do this as it will not be possible in the 2019 module at some point.

OK thanks. Thought that might be the case.

So I filed the T562 months ago - no word from CRA; then late last week I filed the Auth form from TC…and nothing. Today it showed up on RAC. No notice, and the mom still hasn’t heard from CRA, but apparently somewhere they put 2 and 2 together and came up with the answer.