CRA RAC Update

I e-filed 2 AuthReps, one with a Power of Attorney and on decedent.

I had been advised that the Power of Attorney, Death Certificate and will had been sent to CRA. Unfortunately, the responses were: “The CRA is awaiting documents related to the power of attorney” and, “The client is deceased and CRA is awaiting certain documents.”

I suspect the submitted documents were missing the SIN.

I was pleasantly surprised that I could submit the supporting documents online instead of faxing or mailing them in.

Has anyone done this? If so, how long before you had access?

Yes - took 2 days. The “other rep” went AWOL so the Executors had me listed as well. All the data was at CRA. Filed, got the same message as you…and 2 days later the decedent’s file appeared on my list and was accessible.

I usually submit AuthRep get the message as indicated, submit the documents and wait.

Usually around a month before authorization shows although the last one was much quicker - in line with what SmallBizGuy indicated.

Yes I have done it online a few times. Last year it took 1 week to show up on my RAC. This year it took 3 months!! CRA is really dragging their heals this year. Hopefully it’s faster now that it’s not busy season. The only way to know is to keep checking.