Deceased client authrep

I have a signed authrep from a new client who is the executor of his deceased spouse’s will. We dropped the physical copies of will, dc, and authrep to the Winnipeg office in mid-July. Dropping off usually results in the authorization within a week.

The CRA rep said today they have no record of it, but that I can send the authorization request via rep-a-client, submit documents. I’m stuck as to how. They said to choose individual client, no case number, follow the prompts.

But I get stopped at the SIN point. I’ve now tried via Submit Documents (individual, rep related, and update executor), as well as via Authorization Requests, but hit a wall every time.

Does anyone know how I submit these documents via rep-a-client?

Follow these steps:


This works amazing… much faster than trying to mail, fax, etc…

I use the exact same method. It works great. I always attach a note request that they approve the executor on the deceased taxpayers account, and I e-file a new AuthRep for my authorization on the account. Normally my authorization is approved within a week or two, however I had one return that took 4 months before CRA approved my authorization on the account (docs submitted in April and approval came last week!). We e-filed the Final Return based on info we had, and luckily when I checked her account following approval, no adjustments were required.

As the kids like to say: “This is the way.”

Thank you! As my grandfather used to say, “if it was a snake, it would have bit me by now.”

My partner has always insisted on dropping physical copies at the Winnipeg office, but I really don’t see the point. This is too easy.