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Custom Fields Update

It would be nice if the following updates could be made to the custom fields worksheet in the T1 program for the 2020 tax year:

  1. Add a description column to the custom fields table. Our office uses the custom fields to generate letter variations so if a description column was added a shorter ID cell could be used in conjunction with the description to drive the data type and corresponding “answer” in the value field.

  2. Currently the custom fields are ordered alphabetically and it would be nice to be able to re-order the field order manually.

  3. Have the “value” cell expand as text is written into it. If you need to write more than 5ish words into the cell it gets much harder to read and format, which becomes important if the text written is being carried forward to a letter.

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The biggest problem I have with the client letter and other templates is that if you add/delete even 1 space or character, the document will not update for subsequent changes to the return.

Perhaps a text custom field could open a text box which allows you to enter the text of your custom paragraph, along with codes that can be used from the tax return. It’s impractical to change the template for one custom paragraph and potentially dangerous to change the letter manually.

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