Custom Fields In Print Configuration

I’m creating a print set that uses a custom field in the filename. The custom field will be in every file. When I print that print set, the custom field entered as part of the file name is ignored by the program.

Is what I’m trying to do possible?

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I don’t think that is supported. Another option would be to use the “English label” field shown in the print dialogue as part of the file name by adding {Label}. This works well if it is the same print set-up each time for a print set or specific form. Or, you could use one of the supported ID fields on the Engagement form if you don’t need it for anything else.


Thanks for your reply, @sarka. The other suggestions don’t really work. Is that a big change to allow the use of the custom field data? As it is, I get a separate folder on my computer for each spouse and each child/dependant when I print a return using the labels allowed (first name, last name, etc). It would sure help disk management if I could indicate the preferred folder in which each return will be saved.

The option currently available, using the {FamilyName}, isn’t really feasible since you end up with a folder named “The Bob Smith Family …”.

That’s my intended use but I’m sure there are other cases where this would be helpful.


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I like your idea of creating a file naming convention using a custom field.

Q#1 - Could you clarify and expand on the following?

“I get a separate folder on my computer for each spouse and each child/dependant when I print a return using the labels allowed (first name, last name, etc).”

Q#2 - Are you creating a separate folder, automating the save location, or, simply creating a file name plus a manual save location workflow?

Q#3 - Please elaborate on your workflow, save location, apps and zaps?

@dominique_dabolczi , I’m really not doing anything abnormal. I’m just constructing the intended file folders and names when setting up the print configuration for different print sets (in Options).

My file structure for T1 clients is that I have a main folder for each client, such as “Smith, Bob & Mary”. Under that, I have folders for each tax year. Within each tax year, I have the T1 information for that client, including the principal taxpayer, the spouse, and any dependent children. However, under the current labels provided by TaxCycle to name files, I cannot print the final T1 copies to my folder “P:\Smith, Bob & Mary\2022” because it only allows the filename based on the individual taxpayer. So what I end up with is a folder for the family information each year and a folder for each separate person (the principal taxpayer, the spouse, and each dependent child who we prepare a return for). This is a real problem where you have spouses or dependents with different last names. I’m just trying to consolidate all those individual folders into one family folder.

I haven’t extended this to be used with other applications, yet, but one aim is to make my file locations as standard as possible to make it easier as I incorporate other applications printing or saving to a T1 client’s folders. The other aim is to clean up my file folders.

Have a look at the options for folder structure here:

You could use the Client ID field which is linked to the {ClientReference} folder option. Set Client ID field to the file name you want for each person in the file. {FamilyName} is another option you might consider.

If you open a file, then go to the Client Folders section in Options, TaxCycle will show what the file names would be in italics behind each variable so you can decide which will work best for you.

Thanks, @sarka. The Client Folder idea in the Options isn’t the way since I’m not looking to save the TaxCycle T1 file somewhere else. It’s the various PDF files that I’m trying to save in other folders.

I tried the Client ID field in the Engagement sheet and it appears to work. I don’t otherwise use that field so it should work.


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Is there a way to get a review message or a warning of some kind when this field is empty? Or does that still require “some C# knowledge” as per @Cameron 's post in 2015?

@kevin – Thank you for your clarification. I am in the process of cleaning up and fine tuning my files, folders, and backup systems.

I can see about adding an optional review message when ClientID is empty which would be OFF by default but could be turned on in Options.

Awesome! Thanks @sarka. Would you please include the same request for the “Return Id” field?

Will do :slight_smile:

I should have checked earlier - but the requested review messages are already in all the modules. To enable them go to Options, open up the Module you want to enable them in, Open the Review tab and select the current year. Type “Please Provide” in the search box and you will see three review messages there that you can turn on to check if Client ID, Return ID or Office ID is blank.

Aha! Thanks @sarka