Select hidden print job from custom fields

I’m looking for a way to use the custom fields to make a print set available or not for when a client requests a copy for bankers.

I have a field as :BankPO, yes\no, not carried forward, not a review item

On the Print out, I have relevance set as:


So when I select the Yes, it brings up the Bankers copy and selects it for print out. The issue is the Table[1]. This is the location (2nd line) the custom field is on the table. Sometimes, it’s not on the 2nd line, sometimes its the third, or first.

How do I get it to check the yes\no status of the unique id of BankPO?

One way would be to name your Custom Field ID starting with an “a” and then do an ascending sort of the custom fields on the T1. That way, this custom field will always be in the first row. A bit clumsy but I don’t see another way.

This will be easier if you use the “customfield” function, as follows:

Looks good, will give this a go