Crowdsourcing: genuine CEWS "audit calls" from CRA?

Have had a client call to see if CRA is calling about CEWS claims. While I haven’t had any of those, and would generally expect a written request, I wonder if anyone has had genuine CRA CEWS phone calls.

(I have had a couple of verifications on CECRA, but from CMHC, all written and several with the wrong address and login info. I’ve returned email and had no replies either, although they are genuine!!)

From what I’ve heard from colleagues, the CRA have been sending out audit notices by paper. As for me, I haven’t received a call from the CRA on CEWS audit verification but I have received calls from the CRA for CERS program. The experience is lackluster to say the least as the caller ID does not state that it is from the CRA and the agents don’t provide their agent ID number in the beginning of their calls, which they definitely should as it is going against protocols.

Lately, I’ve been advising to my clients that if they have received a call from the CRA and they are asking about one of the pandemic business programs, that they inform to the agent to call me.

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Thanks GWPG; so far I told this particular client to ignore. If CRA wants info legitimately, they will write. :slight_smile:

I’d still suggest that you advise your sole prop/corporate clients that if they receive calls from the CRA that they let the agent know to call you instead.

Before the CRA is starting an audit, they must inform to the tax payer or their accountant that they are performing an audit. Most of the time, this is done by calling the taxpayer/accountant themselves, then sending out a letter

Agree - I never let the client talk to a CRA agent and they are all very well aware of that. My concern is FAR greater for a scammer to garner all kinds of info than for CRA (LOL).

The client, most of the time, doesn’t have enough knowledge anyway to deal with them, so they just tell 'em to call me (even Collections who hates to deal with me instead of the client).