Creating a Conditional Statement with AND using a Custom Field

I have been playing with this for way too long. I’m hoping someone here can tell me how to makes this work. I am trying to create a statement that requires both of these conditions to be true for a paragraph to print using the AND operator. Does someone know what the statement should look like for it to work. I tried numerous iterations, but have not had any luck.

{{ # S9Allocation.Total.NetAmountsToAllocate > 0}}

{{ #isNo (customfield(“KEEPSLIPSONFILE”)) }}

Thank you!

It should be {{ # S9Allocation.Total.NetAmountsToAllocate>0 and isNo(customfield(“KEEPSLIPSONFILE”)) }}

But I don’t know why it isn’t working. Nesting them does seem to work though?

I think I got it!

{{ # S9Allocation.Total.NetAmountsToAllocate>0 and customfield(“KEEPSLIPSONFILE”))=“No” }}

I am thinking you could have a side hustle if you desired. :grinning:

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We got it to work with the following:

{{#isno(customfield(“KEEPSLIPSONFILE”)) and S9Allocation.Total.NetAmountsToAllocate > 0}}

@jglass I thought your first suggestion should work too. It turns out if we switch the order of them, it does.

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