Template condition for any business / farm statement

Just wondering if anyone has a more elegant template condition to use when a T2125 / T2042 / T1273 has been used. I am presently using a condition that says is gross income or gross expenses greater than zero.

I could not find anything in the TaxCycle documents about this.

Jim Burch

Great question, perhaps something based on the business name? Since it won’t efile without a name the forms would have to have a business name entered?

Something like:

{{#not(isblank(T2125.Identification.BusinessName))}}Your text here{{/end}}

Depends on what you are using it for I think. Anyway, just an idea :slight_smile:

Reading through some other threads here, and had another idea that might be a bit clunky or might not be:

You could create a custom field with a yes/no tickbox, and put a review condition on it. (See the webinar on Template Tips and Tricks).

Jeanette thanks for the suggestions, I did not use the CustomField because I wanted to eliminate the chance of human error in deciding whether there was self employment income or not.

So using your first suggestion this is what I ended up with:
{{#(not(isblank(CurrentClient.T2125Forms[0],T2125.Identification.IndustryCode))or not(isblank(CurrentSpouse.T2125Forms[0],T2125.Identification.IndustryCode)) or not(isblank(CurrentClient.T2042Forms[0].T2042.FarmIdentification.IndustryCode))or not(isblank(CurrentSpouse.T2042Forms[0].T2042.FarmIdentification.IndustryCode)) or not(isblank(CurrentClient.AgriStabilityForms[0].AgriStability.Participant.IndustryCode))or not(isblank(CurrentSpouse.AgriStabilityForms[0].AgriStability.Participant.IndustryCode)) or not(isblank(CurrentClient.T2121Forms[0].T2121.Identification.IndustryCode))or not(isblank(CurrentSpouse.T2121Forms[0].T2121.Identification.IndustryCode)))}}

Jim Burch

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