Customizing Templates by Client

I have a year end checklist that we send clients that I would like to start sending through Taxfolder.

The problem is, it is slightly different for each client, and may request specific information from one client that it does not for another. Is it possible to set this up as a template and then fine tune it for each client and have those changes stay for the next year.

If you edit the template for a client, the changes do not stay when you carry the file forward.

Is it possible to just have a document saved in Taxcycle for quick and easy sending through Taxfolder, vs having to go into each client and upload the document for them manually

You can create your template in TaxCycle and use conditional statements to show or hide specific client and tax return information. If you have other information not included in a field of the tax return you can use custom fields to add what you need. The best place to start is to clone the built-in TaxCycle checklist and modify it to match your needs.

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We do this, we use conditional statements a lot, but also we can manually edit each checklist if the conditions don’t quite work for a particular client.

Just open the checklist in the client’s TaxCycle file and edit. As soon as you make the first change you will see a banner appear at the to indicating it’s been editing, and allowing you to revert to the template if you want.