CRA pass-code grid problems

How many others have been using the pass-code grid option to log into CRA, and suddenly find it doesn’t work (since Friday)? Is anyone finding that it still works?

I called CRA today, and they confirmed there is a problem. They think it’s affecting everyone, and they don’t know when it will be fixed. They transferred me to the e-services help desk, and took some additional info - what OS am I using, what browser, what type of network connection, who is my ISP, etc. They are investigating.

It wouldn’t work - so I was told to temporarily use the telephone option (have a pass code texted to my cell phone. it also works for 8 hours.) It might even be better than the pascode grid.

As long as nobody (like a hacker) ever gets control of both your account/password and sim-swaps your phone, you’re fine. As soon as they do, they have all your clients’ information.

Texting to cell phone is NOT secure 2FA. It’s convenient, but not secure.

Still don’t know why they don’t force the use of Yubikeys for pros. At $50 each, they’re fairly cheap protection.

My pass-code grid also didn’t work yesterday or today. Frustrating. I figured that if I’m experiencing this, that others might be experiencing it too. I didn’t bother phoning CRA about this issue, but selected the option for CRA to send me the code via my cellphone even though I know it isn’t as secure (as identified by @SmallBizGuy). That option worked. I’m hopefully CRA will correct the problem soon.

For me, it was stuck on an endless loop constantly generating new passcode grids for me each time I tried to log in. I now have about 8. None of them work. They also told me they have no idea if any of them will work once the issue is resolved, and made me switch to the phone option instead. They did tell me to hold on to my lovely stack of passcode grids ‘just in case’!

My grids are all in the shred basket. I will create new once it works. They said they will call me when it works.

Had no problem logging in with grid today (other than my crappy typing…).