CRA contact during strike

Has anyone been able to get through to the Personal Inquiries line in the last couple of days?

I was coincidentally locked out of my CRA account (personal, business, RAC - have never been locked out before) on the first day of the strike , the website said my security question was answered incorrectly too many times, however I didn’t have to enter it once. I called Wednesday, sat on hold for 4 hours, 4 mins then a message came on and said “due to technical difficulties your call cannot be transferred to an agent, please try again later” and was disconnected. I’ve tried multiple times yesterday and today so far and the queue is always full.

During tax season it’s kind of important to have this access, so I’m quite frustrated.

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It’s going to be impossible to contact the CRA especially at this time since the agents are prioritizing on making sure benefits go through smoothly.

I’d probably suggest you call at 6 A.M, maybe earlier since everyone is thinking of doing the same thing.

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Line doesn’t open until 8 local time (get a recording prior to then that it’s not open), call right for 8 and the queue is already full. Guessing the eastern folks jam it up before we can even start calling.

Is the efile help desk open?

Tried that yesterday and the recording says they are closed, along with payment inquiries and the business line lol.
After attempting the personal line approximately 40 times I am now in queue and on hold. The recording said 30-60 minutes as an estimate, the website says 3 hours, 5 mins. Positive step though!

Try 1-613-940-8495 at 8AM EDST. That’s the number given to those living outside Canada who have no access to the 800 number. It flows into General enquiries’ queue, and CRA staff don’t know which number you called.

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After getting into the queue, was on hold for just over an hour. An agent came on, got me into my account right away so all is well now, just took a few days.