Corporate signing Authrep

I now have 2 corporate clients where the AuthRep hasn’t been accepted because “not signed by authorized person”. I had one previously where CRA, on phone enquiry, told me to add the middle initial. Can’t get that kind of help now.
In both cases my signer has signed the T2’s for years. Any idea how to find out who CRA thinks it should be? Or inform them?

I feel the same frustration, Neal. Particularly since CRA’s latest website update (Feb 22, 2021) - we no longer have the option to choose “Owner update required” when submitting the authorization request online.

As far as I know, the only option is for the authorized signing person (your client) to contact CRA themselves and give whatever identity verification CRA now requires. I had one client do this a few years ago, and it wasn’t very onerous. But, I’m guessing it may be a different story these days…